Mast products

We offer a comprehensive mast product mix of masts including both guyed masts and self supporting towers and monopoles. We also can offer installations, related accessories and services allied with customer criteria oriented computerised mast analysis. View all Aerial mast products.

Aerial Green field site mast options can be subdivided into to two categories: guyed and self supporting masts.
Mast solutions delivered by us are more and more often tailored at least at some level according to customer’s requirements.
Accordingly, the following information and data sheets are primarily ment to give a feel and understanding of the mast product line of Aerial Oy.


As a mast product supplier we are very flexible. Thanks to state of the art design tools and software we can offer steel structures for various different purposes. And mast analysis will always bring on the most economic and convenient alternative.

Commonly, camera masts are either 6 m, 8 m or 10 m tall. The camera itself is installed on a flange piece which can be mounted on top of a M400/20 mast element.

Commonly, lighting towers are either 6 m, 8 m or 10 m tall. The lighting device is installed on a railing of a mounting platform (picture on the right) which can be mounted on top of a M400/20 mast element. New brochure coming soon.

In urban areas where cell sizes are smaller and base stations have to be built tighter it is mandatory to be able to take advantage of the existing constructions. We have a comprehensive selection of roof top masts, wall mounts and other accessories to build your city sites.


Mast installations

We have our own mast groups to take care of the on-site mast erection, antenna and cable installations and the final inspection and approval. These groups work all the year round and guarantee fast, safe and reliable mast installation. As they arrive they have got everything with them in their vehicles: mast elements, tools, truck-mounted hoister plus antennas, cables, earthing kits, connectors and so forth if agreed so. The only resource that is needed from outside with bigger towers is a crane or alternatively a helicopter if the site is beyond reach of crane vehicles.

Antenna installations and cabling

Antenna installation and cabling service is easiest to include to initial mast building operation but can also be ordered separately. Aerial mast crews perform fast and reliably and if required for example radiation pattern computer simulations can be done to verify desired specifications. Our antenna production line plus expertise as a cable representative help you to choose an optimized solution.

Foundations, road and equipment shelter

Usually the bedplate is cast by us according to drawings, instructions and materials agreed upon. Even an adequate road leading from nearest public roadway to the foundations are generally constructed by us.

Final approval

As the construction has been completed the final approval will be made usually by the supervisor representing the customer.

To help you to choose the most effective and economic mast solution, we provide computerized mast analysis service. It can optimize tower design and material strength to suit your loading requirements plus expected local environmental conditions such as wind speeds and icing. By request we deliversa written statement on the analysis results including explicit graphical representations of the effective forces and twisting and bending moments.
Analysis can also be done on existing masts as well as all other metal constructions to define for instance extra loading or retrofit effects on a structure. The analysis is available also for masts made by other manufacturers.
We use FEM analysis to solve more demanding and complex objects.

We undertake maintenance and service for company masts as well as other manufacturers’ products throughout Finland. Mast maintenance is conducted according to Finnish “Masto-ohje 1980”.

Contact us for more information on maintenance.

When selecting a mast it is advisable to try to evaluate future requirements for the construction. If there is a need for new antenna systems to the tower later or a willing client or even a competitor is interested to rent an antenna position it is nice to have some excess capacity in the construction or at least a possibility to modify the mast.
Disassembling the mast for modifications or reinforcements is certainly expensive and time-consuming operation. Possible unscheduled retrofits may lead to a situation where mast technical characteristics cannot be guaranteed. We make detachable torsion resistors for guyed company masts. Extra torsion resistor can be installed to the mast for desired height. Double-wedged guy wire clamps make use of existing anchors possible.

Our mast analysis service of course consults and supports the modification projects from start to finish.

Antenna circuit measurements are performed by request. A calibrated equipment measures return loss as a function of frequency (or distance). Every measurement is filed and documented. Antenna circuit measurements are available with mast deliveries but also as a separate independent service.

Contact us for more information on antenna circuit measurements.

Whenever needed we can help customers with their construction licence applications by providing so called landscaping service. This service means that a rendered 3-D CAD model is embedded to a digital image of the intended mast site by suitable software. As an appendix of the application, this document has proven itself quite useful in smoothening the licence process.

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