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In addition to the antenna, mast and cable products we provide you with related RF equipment.

Power dividers

We have a wide range of high-power and low-power power dividers for different kinds of transmitting systems. Additional power dividers can be made according to customer specifications or existing models can be modified to suit your applications as well as possible.
The power dividers have all aluminium construction and only high quality connectors are used to achieve low VSWR- and IM-values. The inner and outer conductors are precision machined and welded to ensure exact fit, connection reliability and structural solidity.
The Aerial Oy power dividers are the perfect solution to well designed and realised feed network.

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Filters and cavities

We supply coaxial cavity resonators for filter applications. Different kinds of cavity circuit combinations can be constructed to reject interfering frequencies or to isolate receivers or transmitters when using a common antenna.
Power rating, transmission and VSWR values depend on the selected cavity combination, filtered frequencies, interconnection cable and connector types which are all agreed with the customer. Tuning is factory-made at Aerial Oy premises unless agreed otherwise.

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We design and produce various hybrid elements and asymmetric power dividers to couple multiple signals to common antenna or to create a desired balance to your network.
These products also are often custom made for customers according to their specifications. Unused power from the isolation port has to be led to a termination with suitable power rating values. Ask also for the terminations.

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Lightning protectors

We produce quarter wavelength lightning protectors. This simple and robust construction can be scaled for various frequency ranges.

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Safety equipment

“TARMO” is an EN approved safety rail system which is especially designed for aluminium masts. The car element is light in weight and compact.

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Obstruction lights

Depending on the height and geographical situation of your mast you may have to equip the construction with obstruction light or multiple obstruction light tiers.
Repairing the obstruction light framework or changing the bulb every now and then might feel a minor exercise but for example in a 100 m high mast it can prove itself a resource and money wasting routine. Selecting the robust framework and suitable light source will surely pay back.

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